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March 2020

Found 3 blog entries for March 2020.

Buying a house is one of the best financial decisions you can make. There are so many reasons why owning your own home is ideal. These perks include property tax deductions, appreciation, mortgage interest deductions, and much more. Plus, there is just something special about being handed the keys to a home that you get to truly call your own. 

Also, you know that when you’re paying your mortgage each month, your money is going towards paying down your home. This is much better than handing rent money over to your landlord – money you’ll never see again or benefit from. 

Buying a house is also a very big deal. It’s a huge financial decision that can impact you for years. That’s why it is so important to make sure you follow the right steps when

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How the Coronavirus May Impact the Real Estate Market

You’re probably already well-aware of how the coronavirus (Covid-19) is affecting your day-to-day life, with toilet paper shortages everywhere and bottles of hand sanitizer non-existent at stores. Travel bans have been put into place, and almost every large gathering is canceled. Most people are working from home, and schools across the U.S. are temporarily closed. 

It seems like everywhere you look, there’s more news on the novel virus and how it’s causing quarantines across the globe. All of these shut downs and changes to daily life are unsettling, but necessary in order to slow the spread. This is especially the case since the virus has been officially declared a pandemic by the World

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Parking lots are great and all, but I’m sure you’d agree that replacing that space with a hotel, a few more restaurants, and even some condos is much more exciting. 

Of course, you may argue that the parking spaces are necessary, especially with the limited parking situation already going on in Park City, and you’d be right. Thankfully, the developers for this project, PEG Companies, have considered this and are planning to account for the loss in parking spaces by developing garages.

This new Park City project is essentially a remake of the base area of PCMR, and it has been in the making for years. 

The Park City Mountain Resort parking lots will be replaced by new developments. It’s an ambitious task, and a project that is going to be

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