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8 Family-Friendly Park City Trails for Springtime

Posted by Scott Maizlish on Monday, May 5th, 2014 at 11:32am.

Keeping yourself and the family entertained in Park City can be tough during the springtime. Many of the trails are still holding snow, so your options for outdoor activities may seem limited. But, Park City has one of the most extensive trail networks in the world and there are lots of options. Snyderville Basin Recreation, Park City Municipal, and Mountain Trails Foundation all work together to plan, build, and maintain over 350 miles of trails. Some trails are covered with snow until late-May and others are good-to-go in early April. Snyderville Basin Recreation has a great website with information about their trails, conditions, and detailed maps. Mountain Trails Foundation also has a great interactive map feature that allows you to see trail conditions and create routes and it includes more trails in the Park City trail system outside the Snyderville Basin. The Snyderville Basin Rec trail conditions are usually more up to date for their sections of trail. Want to know which trails are too muddy to play on and learn about which ones are big enough for your jogger or bike trailer? No problem. Here are some of my favorite trails in Park City to enjoy with the family during the springtime. They dry out early and provide entertaining options for getting outside.

1. Willow Creek Trail

Willow Creek Trail Park CityThis is a wide, soft-surface trail that dries out early in the spring and is perfect for joggers, bike trailers, and family walks. Even better, it starts at the Willow Creek Park that has bathrooms, jungle gyms, and a dog park. From the park, you can follow the Willow Creek Trail (map) for a convenient 2-mile loop.


2. Stealth Trail GLENWILD-BLOG4

Part of the Glenwild Area trails, the Stealth Trail is the start of a few epic mountain bike rides. This is a singletrack dirt trail that’s more adventurous than other trails on the list, but it’s still an easy one. There are bathrooms at the trailhead and you should take the trail to the left after the bridge. The route to the left is less steep for a longer period of time and easier to spot incoming mountain bikers, making for a more relaxing hike than the switchbacks to the right. Mountain bikers frequent both directions, but they’re easier to spot and pass on this section of trail to the left.


3. Miss Billy’s Trail Miss Billy Trail Park City

This trail also starts from Willow Creek Park and is a short section of the McLeod Creek Trail (map) that goes from Kimball Junction all the way to Main Street. Parking at Willow Creek provides easy access to bathrooms, jungle gyms, and a dog park. This wide, soft-surface trail is perfect for biking, running, or walking and gets you away from the bustle of Willow Creek Park. It goes through the new Matt Knoop Memorial Park with a shaded playground and turf soccer fields.


4. McLeod Creek Trail  McLeod Creek Trail

This is a slightly longer out-and-back trail that starts from Willow Creek Park and it’s more entertaining for older children. It’s a wide, soft-surface trail that’s great for biking, running, and walking. If you take it for 1.62 miles south of the park you’ll find a stream winding through the forest and eventually end up by a pond created by a beaver dam. You may even see other wildlife along the way, like a wandering herd of elk that sometimes moves through here in the early morning or evening.



5. Millenium Trail millenium trail park city

This is a wide, paved trail that runs from the dog pond by Gorgoza Park tubing hill to Sun Peak (just beside the tree nursery). It’s perfect for early season bike rides or runs with joggers. There are a few steep, challenging areas, so don’t confuse paved with boring. Find out more about where to access the Millenium Trail here. There are access points from Pinebrook to Sun Peak and many different ways to use the trail.


6. Silver Quinns Silver Quinns Trail Park City

You can access this wide, paved trail from Quinn’s Junction or the trailhead at Highland Drive in Silver Summit, but Quinn’s trailhead has water and bathrooms so that’s usually best with kids. If you take it all the way out, Silver Quinn’s goes on for 2.9 miles, so you can get a great workout here. This trail is pretty close to the highway, but it’s one of the earliest trails to dry out and it’s a long one. You can find Silver Quinn’s on the Mountain Trails map, on the east side of the map, directly to the left of Route 40. There’s also a dog park at the Quinn’s Trailhead.



7. Rail Trail

railtrailThis is a great trail for biking, running, or hiking in the springtime. It starts in the Prospector area of Park City (Right beside White Pine Touring) and stretches 28 miles to Coalville. You don’t need to go anywhere close to Coalville to enjoy it. Once the Rail Trail leaves the last houses of the Prospector area you’ll pass some ponds on the left that are normally filled with ducks and surrounded by birds. The wide, paved trail is surrounded by some beautiful scenery that’s ideal for a morning or evening exploration.



8.Lost Prospector lost prospector trail park city

This is a singletrack trail that’s steeper than any of the other listed trails, so it’s a great hike for families with older kids who need a little adventure. The west-facing side that runs parallel to Deer Valley Drive, with the trailhead on Aerie Drive, is best in the spring. The north-facing side usually holds snow a little longer. It’s about 0.7 miles to the north-facing snow, but that’s a 1.4-mile out-and-back which is the perfect distance for a leisurely hike or introductory mountain bike ride with the family. Do you want to know more about trails in Park City? Give me (Scott) a call at 435.901.4309 or email me at I’d be happy to recommend a trail that will be fun for you and your family.


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