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Dreaming of a Mountain Home? Why Many Are Leaving the City Behind

Posted by Scott Maizlish on Thursday, June 4th, 2020 at 10:32am.

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Dreaming of a Mountain Home? Why Many Are Leaving the City Behind

Over the past few years, more and more people are choosing to swap their apartment in the city for a home in the suburbs. Many are also opting to live in mountain towns to take advantage of the beautiful scenery, increased space, and year-round outdoor activities. 

Living in the mountains has a variety of awesome benefits. And nowadays, especially with everything going on, more people are leaving the city life behind so they can enjoy those benefits. Why are so many leaving the city behind, and what is it that makes living in a mountain town (like Park City, Utah) so great? Let’s dive right in…

The Impact of the Pandemic

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic rocked our world, many people were leaving the big cities and setting up their lives in the suburbs and mountain towns. But the effects of the health crisis have caused even more families to choose to give up their lives in the city. 

One reason for this is likely because of the cramped living conditions. When everyone was adhering to stay-at-home or lockdown orders, many people were staying in their homes without leaving for days or even weeks. And when you have a family living in a small space in the city, being stuck inside for too long can be especially difficult. When there isn’t enough room for everyone to spread out and have their own space, tensions can get high. 

Many families have likely discovered that they’d prefer a larger living space so that they don’t feel so crammed together. 

Also, having access to a yard is beneficial as well. Most city dwellers don’t have a space of their own outdoors. Aside from a small balcony in some cases, there isn’t much of a place to enjoy the fresh air. While families in the suburbs were able to hang out in their yards during the lockdowns, families in the city were usually stuck inside. This may influence the type of homes buyers are starting to look for. 

Public transportation is another factor that may be playing into why many people are moving out of the cities as well. Because of the virus, many people are warier of the germs that can be spread in a subway or taxi. Living in a smaller town where you can take your own car when you need to go to work or the grocery store is seen as more of an advantage now. 

Benefits of Mountain Living

There are countless benefits to moving out of the cities and into a suburban town. And then the benefits get even more prominent when you choose to live in a mountain town. 

The fresh air, the abundance of outdoor activities, the increase in privacy, and bigger home sizes are just a few of the many reasons why living in the mountains is so great. Here’s why many want to try out mountain living:

  • Scenery

There is no better view than the view of a gorgeous mountain range. In the fall you are surrounded by the warm reds and oranges of the changing leaves. In the winter, you can watch the snow softly falling onto nearby pine trees. The spring and summer bring the vibrant colors of blooming flowers and beautiful sunrises. 

When you live in the mountains, you get to enjoy all of those views from the comfort of your own home. Usually just by looking outside one of your windows. Plus, if you’re up on the mountainside, you may even have a birds-eye view of the entire town or side of the sprawling mountain. 

  • Home Size and Price

It’s simple. The size of the homes you find in mountain towns is almost always larger than the homes you’d find in a big city. Plus, depending on the area, you may even find that the pricing is similar or even cheaper when you move outside of the city. 

  • Privacy

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you know the lack of privacy you usually have to put up with. By sharing walls and having someone underneath or above you, you have to deal with loud neighbors and need to make sure that your own family isn’t too rowdy. 

Even if you live in a single-family home in the city, you likely don’t have much space between your house and your neighbors’. This can make a home that is spread out away from others seem very appealing. With lots more open space in mountain towns, you may be able to find a home that provides more privacy and space. 

  • Outdoor activities

One of the biggest advantages of living in the mountains is the access you have to all kinds of great outdoor activities. Hiking, mountain biking, fishing, boating, skiing… the list goes on and on. There are activities for everyone, and no one’s likely to be bored with so much to do year-round. 

Main Street in Park City, Utah

Why Living in Park City, Utah is So Great

Park City is truly one of the best mountain cities in the world. And while we may be a bit biased, it doesn’t make that statement any less true. Here are just a few of the reasons why Park City is so awesome:

  1. It was the site for the winter Olympic games in 2002
  2. Park City is home to the famed Sundance Film Festival
  3. Many celebrities call Park City and Deer Valley home
  4. It’s known by many to have the “Greatest Snow on Earth”
  5. Park City is only 35 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport 
  6. There are an abundance of activities year-round

If you’re interested in moving to a beautiful mountain town where there’s lots to do, plenty of open space, and gorgeous scenery, you should consider Park City. 

We could go on and on about why Park City is so great, but we’ll just leave it at that for this article. But feel free to reach out to learn more about what we love about the area. Give Scott or Natalie a call today at 435-901-4309 or 801-244-2367.



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