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Insider Money Saving Tips on Prepping for a Park City Ski Vacation

Posted by Scott Maizlish on Thursday, October 31st, 2013 at 12:37pm.

Who Doesn’t Like to save money on their Park City Ski Trip?

In the days of the airlines charging hundreds of dollars for bags, airfares skyrocketing, and lift ticket prices rising every year, I would like to offer a few tips preparing for a ski trip to Park City.

1.Skis and Boots:

Hauling your own can cost you hundreds in fees with the airlines, and rentals are not much less expensive. If you have a pair of boots you love, I say bring them because they are yours, and you are not “walking in someone else’s boots”, Yes, I do crack myself up sometimes. :) If you have your own boots and are a Phil Mahre or Picabo Street wannabe, all of the park city rental stores rent performance skis by the day. So you can try a different pair every day if you wish, or reserve Ski Magazines, ski of the year for your trip. This is my 9th season living in Park City, and I cannot tell you how much the technology changes year to year. Just please ski in control, if you are used to skiing on regular rental skis, and try some GS Skis for the first time, You might just scare the #$%& out of yourself.

HERE IS A BIG SECRET!!! Another option has been the ski consignment shops. A significant portion of their business in the winter time is vacationers coming in and actually purchasing skis, boots, poles, clothing, using it while they are here, and selling it back when they are done. Rental gear is used, so whats the difference? Plus you might get to wear that fancy Bogner one piece you have always dreamed of!

2.Food and Dining Out:

If you are a foodie, plan on making reservations at all the restaurants you plan on eating. Things get pretty hectic and the waits can be long. If you have a large group and plan on eating in, there are multiple catering companies around town that will gladly come to your home and cook for you, or drop off the food. For the more budget conscious travelers, there is a Costco and a Sam’s Club directly between the Salt Lake Airport, and Park City.

3. Getting Around Town:

Park City has an amazing free bus system, and local kids as young as 10 years old ride it alone all the time. That may make some of you city slickers heart skip a beat, but yes, that’s how it is done here. Also, cabs can be anywhere from $15-25 a trip. My suggestion is that if you are going to be using cabs every day, or at least a few times during your stay, find a driver you like, get their card and use them the whole trip if you can. They will pick you up when you want, and maybe you’ll get a break on some of the fare. Rental cars are always an option, but I have seen countless vacationers with rental cars that just sit in the driveway, and cost money for no reason.

4. Lodging:

Location Location Location. The nice thing about Park City is that we are a small town and the three resorts are close to each other. So I really cannot think of a terrible location. The same rule is in effect, the closer to the slopes, the nicer the place, the more money it is. So I say refer to tip 3 on Getting Around Town. Even if you are not sleeping on the slopes, you are only a few minutes away via cab or bus. There are many reputable rental agencies around town, and VRBO is more popular than ever. My suggestion is always check references, and carefully read any reviews that are offered. I personally uncovered a rental scam last week, and saved 5 resort workers from losing $5000.00

5. LIft Tickets:

What can I say, they are getting expensive, as if they weren’t already! You can ski for free the day you arrive in Park City if you register beforehand. Since you can land in Salt Lake at 10am from the either coast, this is a great opportunity to save hundreds of dollars the first day. This promotion does not come without restrictions, so contact me for more info and I will send you the site to go to. Also, when you are working with a rental agency, they will sometimes throw in a few ski passes as an incentive.

Well, I hope this is enough to get you started on planning your Utah visit this season, and if you have any questions regarding visiting Park City, and Park CIty Real Estate, please email me at or call me at 435.901.4309 I would be happy to forward you the names and website of the above referenced businesses.

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